3DEXPERIENCE Drafter’s role in generating 2D Drawings

Streamline your design with 3DEXPERIENCE Drafter role

The drafter’s role is integrated with 3DEXPERIENCE, enabling the efficient creation of 2D drawings from 3D models. Instantly update drawings when modifying the 3D model. Collaborate and share in real-time via cloud storage, allowing stakeholders to view drawings on any device, anytime, anywhere. Benefit from comprehensive detailing capabilities and automatic revision control for seamless design communication and collaboration.

3DEXPERIENCE Drafter role

With Drafter you can:

  • Quickly generate drawings from your 3D parts and Assemblies
  • Drag and drop your 3D model into a drawing to automatically create a view.
  • Easily apply dimensions, annotations and section views to your drawings
  • Instantly update your 2D drawings to reflect any changes on your 3D models.

Facilitate Collaboration and communication:

  • With all data saved to the cloud, designers and engineers can share drawings in real time and all stakeholders can view them in a web browser without needing to install viewers.
  • Drawings are available to view on any device, at any time, and from anywhere including the manufacturing shop floor.
  • Automatic revision control of both the 3D data and the drawings is fully integrated.

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