SOLIDWORKS desktop CAD is the leading tool in the industry, and it can be combined with a browser-based design solutions (3DEXPERIENCE Cloud) and secure cloud-based data management. This combination allows you to create complex designs and speed up the process from concept to production, giving you the ability to bring your product to market faster while improving its quality. 

SOLIDWORKS + 3DEXPERIENCE = Better collaboration, faster product development cycles.

3D Creator

3D Creator provides you with a modeling environment where you can unleash your creativity and focus on designing parts and assemblies. It offers a complete set of 3D design capabilities within a single platform, which can often be accessed through your web browser without requiring any downloads or installations. 

3D Sculptor

Take advantage of 3D subdivision modeling to design ergonomic and organic shapes in a fast and easy way. By modifying and combining simple 3D primitive shapes, you can create highly detailed functional and aesthetic surfaces, which will enhance the usability and attractiveness of your products. 


Advanced 2D and 3D CAD system to create, edit, view and annotate any DWG file with ease, speed and efficiency. With an easy-to-use interface, you can share designs, collaborate, review and make revisions virtually from anywhere, while ensuring that your work is securely stored in the cloud.


Prepare yourself for the upcoming generation of design tools, created by the team behind SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD. The SOLIDWORKS Cloud offer provides a combination of reliable design and collaboration tools, allowing you and your stakeholders to work together from any location and any device by using just a web browser. By investing in these scalable tools, you can say goodbye to expensive IT overheads and ensure that your company’s design needs are met as it grows. 

Get ready to design breakthrough products & experiences.

Systems architects, engineers, designers, construction professionals and all contributors can define, imagine and shape the connected world.