SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Empowering Electrical Design

SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides engineers with dedicated tools and user-friendly interfaces to streamline electrical schematic design, as well as faster embedded for electrical system designs and control panels. It enables easy integration of electrical schematics into 3D models, reduces repetitive tasks associated with creating schematics, and ensures consistency in documentation by using a common database for ECAD and MCAD. Additionally, it offers access to an extensive library of industry-standard schematic symbols and electrical components.

Electrify your Designs with SOLIDWORKS Electrical Packages:



SOLIDWORKS 2D Electrical Schematic provides you standalone application for 2D cabinet layout designing.



SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D offers a seamless integration between electrical schematic design data and the 3D CAD model of a machine/product.



SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional is a software package that combines the electrical schematic capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and the 3D modeling features of SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Which SOLIDWORKS Electrical package is right for you?

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It simplifies complicated tasks like cross-referencing contacts and creating terminal drawings. This software speeds up product development by reducing the amount of repetitive tasks involved for creating electrical schematics.  

SOLIDWORKS 2D Electrical Schematic Standard

SOLIDWORKS 2D Electrical Schematic Standard is a schematic design tool designed for individual users. It facilitates the quick development of embedded electrical systems for various equipment and products. With its extensive libraries of symbols and manufacturer part information, it enables the efficient reuse of common materials, optimizing design reusability.

SOLIDWORKS 2D Electrical Schematic Professional:

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional is a set of collaborative tools for schematic design that facilitate the rapid development of embedded electrical systems. It includes extensive libraries of symbols, manufacturer part information, and 3D component models, which provide commonly reusable materials that optimize design reusability.

With SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, you can effortlessly position electrical components and leverage SOLIDWORKS routing technology to automatically connect electrical design elements within a 3D CAD model. Electrical 2D schematics and 3D CAD models are synchronized and any modifications made will be automatically reflected in the model.

  • Collaborative Electrical-Mechanical Development
  • Real-time Synchronization
  • Electrical Design in 3D CAD
  • Auto-Routing
  • Electrical Harness Design Planning
  • Embedded Electrical System Design Planning
  • 3D Electrical Cabinet Design
  • Electrical Component Library

To plan an embedded electrical system effectively, a comprehensive electrical toolset that offers both single- and multi-line schematic tools is necessary. Additionally, embedded system design facilitates synchronization of all designs/layouts (2D & 3D) for both mechanical and electrical components.

  • Single-line Schematics
  • Multi-line Schematics
  • Mixed Schematic
  • 2D Cabinet Creation
  • Electrical Component and Symbol Library
  • Design and Reuse
  • Automated Terminal Drawing Creation
  • Electrical Component and Symbol Library Management
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Content Portal
  • Common ECAD and MCAD Database
  • Manufacturer Part
  • Symbol Editor
  • Marks and Wires Management
  • Enhanced SOLIDWORKS PDM Connector
  • Embedded Electrical System Design Planning
  • 3D Electrical Cabinet Design

Accelerate electrical design

with a purpose-built electrical design and documentation solution.