Convert or Trace your images into Sketches in SOLIDWORKS using AutoTrace

Have you ever imagined designing models using images or pictures in SOLIDWORKS? Wouldn’t that be great if we can actually create our sketches using images?

Yes, we can trace sketches automatically with the help of images using AutoTrace. AutoTrace in SOLIDWORKS is an add-in and while using a SketchPicture option in SOLIDWORKS, we can trace the images to convert the outlines into sketch geometry and use for modeling.

To use this add-in or to get best results with AutoTrace, we need to use:

  • Images with High – resolution, minimum of 300 DPI
  • Images with Precise contours and high contrast
  • Images with Sharp, clearly defined edges

There are many tools in the AutoTrace Property Manager which helps us to trace the images. With the help of adjustment slider available, we can even modify the sketch preview to get the final desired output sketch geometry.

Check out the below tutorial for more information and workflow to be followed for creating or tracing sketches from images using AutoTrace.

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