Create Electrifying Harness Designs in Record Time – SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Learn how SOLIDWORKS Electrical Simplifies Harness Design

Today’s electro-mechanical designs are becoming increasingly complex, requiring electrical and mechanical engineers to work together better than ever. And communication between these two teams is critical in order to avoid increased costs and slow time to market. Additionally, if you develop physical prototypes, you can waste even more money and time. The process of design, layout, and routing of wires and cables is often manual, time-consuming, and repetitive. Changes in the design can translate to inaccurate manufacturing drawings, which causes further project delays.

See how SOLIDWORKSElectrical can help you:

  • Quickly design single or multi-line wiring harness diagrams
  • Simplify harness design using concurrent engineering practices
  • Increase team efficiency with real-time updates of all design and project documents
  • Reduce design costs with automated 3D virtual wire routing
  • Save time with the intuitive editing of wiring or harness designs

Request Demo to learn how SOLIDWORKS Electrical simplifies harness design accelerates time to market and reduces development costs.


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