SOLIDWORKS is a mechanical design automation software which is a feature based, parametric solid modeling design tool. You can create fully associate 3D solid models with or without constraints while utilizing automatic or user-defined relation to capture design intent.

SOLIDWORKS hole wizard is placed feature which helps to create different types of holes like a countersink, counterbore, straight tap, tapered tap, pipe tap, legacy etc. You can set hole specification and position with this feature tool and insert hole using pre-defined cross-section to your design or model.

A SOLIDWORKS hole table is an excellent way to convey hole information in a convenient and organized manner. Columns can be created to show such information as hole tag, size, location, and more.

SOLIDWORKS has an automated function to help you generate your hole tables faster and easier than ever. All that is needed is an origin datum, and the software will automatically calculate hole size and position for any specified holes in your model.

If you want to Generate a hole table, watch this video.

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