SOLIDWORKS is a mechanical design automation software which is a feature based, parametric solid modeling design tool. You can create fully associate 3D solid models with or without constraints while utilizing automatic or user-defined relation to capture design intent.

SOLIDWORKS models are generated as rigid bodies so animations cannot take into account the flexibility of movement. To accurately calculate and animate deformation based on the material properties, a SOLIDWORKS Simulation study should be created and the deformation plot can be animated.

However, you may wish to generate a simple animation showing moving components including a spring extending or compressing. As animations control the positions of components, not their size dimensions, you can animate spring motion with SOLIDWORKS by connecting the spring model to other moving components using in-context references.

In order to control the length of the spring, the easiest method is to create a Sweep feature with the Path sketch as a straight line for the overall height. Then in the Twist options of the Sweep feature, you can specify “Twist Along Path” and indicate how many turns or coils are needed. With this Path sketch linked in-context to another moving component, you can control the position of the moving component to have the spring rebuild its size and appear to compress or extend.

If you want to create a spring animation in SOLIDWORKS, watch this video.

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