Design to Manufacture with SOLIDWORKS 2019

The SOLIDWORKS 2019 Design to Manufacturing Solution offers an integrated system that enables design and manufacturing teams to work together, efficiently, and concurrently. By providing all the tools in a single environment, time-consuming data translation between departments, which often results in errors and intelligence gaps, has been eliminated.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Design to Manufacturing Solution helps you:

  • Set up and perform complex simulation studies easier and with greater accuracy
  • Share all your Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) required to manufacture your design directly with the 3D geometry with SOLIDWORKS MBD
  • Machine smarter with SOLIDWORKS CAM Machinist, giving you more control and automation for each operation and machining strategy
  • Improve workflows with SOLIDWORKS Composer and SOLIDWORKS PDM for better technical documentation
  • Increase your productivity and flexibility when creating quality control documentation with SOLIDWORKS Inspection
  • Set up projects and instantly render them faster with real-world physics and advanced measured materials with SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Contact Logical Team to see how the SOLIDWORKS 2019 Design to Manufacturing Solution helps tackle the most complex problems while giving you the depth to finish the critical detail work.


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