Drawing Detailing Mode Improvements

The top enhancements for SOLIDWORKS 2021 provide improvements to Detailing mode Introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2020, Detailing mode provides a way to open massive drawings in seconds but is not limited to just viewing the drawing. Viewing performance is super-fast, thanks to the performance improvements added in SOLIDWORKS 2021. Detailing mode allows you to perform typical detailing tasks, such as editing and adding dimensions and annotations. The model does not get loaded, so sharing drawing files is easy, but rest assured, the drawing views are intact, and there is no loss of detail.

New capabilities include: Work with improved drawing creation performance

  • Improved performance of Detailing Mode to speed up drawing creation even more
  • Improvements in the ability to add hole callouts, edit existing dimensions and annotations, and add Detail, Break and Crop views
Detailing mode

Benefits: Work faster on large assembly drawings with more improvements to Detailing Mode.

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