Explore the Xdesign app in 3DEXPERIENCE Platform


It is a feature-based parametric solid modeler that runs completely inside a web browser

What is Xdesign in 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

3DEXPERIENCE platform includes a wide range of cloud-based apps in one interconnected environment. One of these apps is Xdesign, which offers parametric, feature-based CAD modeling right in your web browser. The toolset is intuitive and user-friendly, especially for anyone who has experience with SOLIDWORKS.

How Xdesign works?

This app utilizes 2D sketches to create 3D solids through extrusion, rotation, sweeping along a path, etc. Other familiar features include fillets, patterns, and the hole tool, which allows the user access to industry standard hole types and sizes. There are also tools for surface modeling, assembly modeling, and model analysis that allow the user to verify mechanical fit and function of components in a virtual environment. Models are history-based, which means each feature is “built” in chronological order as they appear in the Design Manager. This makes it easy to edit individual features and Propagate changes through the rest of the model.


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