How to use Indent Feature for making complex bodies in SOLIDWORKS 2021?

Have you created any Complex shapes in SOLIDWORKS? Do you know how to use multi-body techniques in SOLIDWORKS?

            The indent feature creates an offset pocket or protrusion feature on a target body that exactly matches the contour of a selected tool body, using thickness and clearance values to create the feature.

Depending on the body type selected (solid or surface), you specify the clearance between the target body and the tool body and a thickness for the indent feature. The indent feature can deform or cut material from the target body.

The indent feature uses the form of the tool body to create a pocket or protrusion in the target body, so more faces, edges, and vertices appear in the final body than in the original body. This differs from the deform feature, where the number of faces, edges, and vertices remains unchanged in the final body.

           In other words, the indent is a feature in SOLIDWORKS where we can make complex shapes into SOLIDWORKS effortlessly.

If you want to use the Indent feature in SOLIDWORKS, watch this video.

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