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Learn How with SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

Where do you get your design inspiration? From nature, product history or your own insight? Industrial designers need to capture ideas whenever and wherever they strike and easily share them with relevant stakeholders.

Rather than add more tools to your already overflowing mixed bag of tricks, you need a unified toolset; one that delivers an efficient concept creation process. A tool set that connects to a streamlined product design workflow of ideation, collaboration, iteration, and approval, with seamless integration to existing detail design and manufacturing tools.

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer provides the right tool at the right time, helping you get from initial hand sketches to 3D concept modeling to printed proposals.

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer provides:

  • Instinctive creation of innovative concepts
  • Modeling freedom and flexibility
  • Collaboration with social tools
  • Delivery of usable industrial design data

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer facilitates and accelerates industrial design.

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