SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and SOLIDWORKS PDM both use the SOLIDWORKS installation manager to install the client portion of the software. This blog will walk you through the SOLIDWORKS PDM client installation and creating a vault view. Let’s get started.

Installation the client-server

The SOLIDWORKS PDM client is installed for the SOLIDWORKS installation manager which can be found on the SOLIDWORKS DVD or download from the customer portal. If u can already have SOLIDWORKS installed on your machine you can add the SOLIDWORKS PDM client by navigation to control panel >program and feature >SOLIDWORKS>MODIFY/CHANGE.

Select modify the individual installation or Add individual installation and select Next. On the product selection page, Select SOLIDWORKS PDM Client and hit next.

On the Serial Number screen, hit Next, you will not need to enter to need to enter anything additional at this location as SOLIDWORKS PDM licenses are distributed by the Solid Network License Managers. Hit Next.


On the summary page, select change next to the SOLIDWORKS PDM OPTIONS.


Select the SOLIDWORKS PDM version, client type, and any add-ins you need in the PDM options dialog box. (follow these link for more information about license types or add-ins).


Select Back to Summary and modify now or install to add the SOLIDWORKS PDM client.

Creating a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault view

In order to access a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault on a client, you will need to connect them to the vault by creating vault view. This can be done using the view setup tool. Go to start >SOLIDWORKS PDM >view setup.

Once in the view setup tool, hit Next to start the setup process and add the archive server for the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault by selecting (1) and (2) entering the server name. Then select next.


Select the vault(s) that you would like your user to connect to. (Quick Tip: If you don’t see a vault that you were expecting, please ensure that you have installed the correct client type using the instructions above). Hit Next.


Select the path that you would like your vault view to be installed on and the view type.

The “For only me” option will install a view that can only be accessed by logging in with your windows username. If this is a shared computer, ensure that you do not add the view to a location that can be accessed by the other users as they will get an error when they try to access the vault.

When using “For all users” option, I normally suggests that the view is installed on the C drive to avoid exceeding the windows path limit of 260 characters.

After you have selected your view options, hit Next and then hit Finish to create the vault view.


You will now be able to log in and access the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault view from windows explorer by clicking on the SOLIDWORKS vault view icon.

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