Managing Wires in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

SOLIDWORKS Electrical can manage wires in three following ways

1.Global Wire Mark Display:

Now we can select between Wires and Equipotential depending upon the numbering style directly from Configurations.

Go to Project Tab   ->   Drop Down Configurations and select Wire Style manager as shown below.


From here we can change the options from marks to labels or from labels to marks


2.Handling Unused Wires:

The main purpose of this option is how to use unused wires in a project by assigning them to already assigned wires in a drawing

Go to Project Configurations -> Formula Manager Mark Option


3.Wire Numbering Group:

In the Wire Style Manager, the group properties are accessible through the contextual menu of the group. You can also select the group and click on Properties icon.

Wires are grouped within a numbering group so that all wires that are part of the group use the same counter. This ensures numbering continuity in the wires, even if they are different wire types.

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