Process of extracting Dimensions along with Tolerances in SOLIDWORKS Inspection

Solidworks Inspection

Image :1a

Solidworks Inspection

Image :1b

If you absorb in AutoCAD Drawing in the above images (1a & 1b) the dimension & Tolerance are two different texts.
e.g. If I select the dimension, the only dimension is selecting.To capture the dimension along with tolerance in the SOLIDWORKSInspection, the dimension & tolerance should be in single text as shown in the below image 1C.

Solidworks Inspection

Image :1c

In SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standalone Application

1) If the dimension & tolerance are two different texts, Solidworksinspection will capture dimension & tolerance separately as shown in the below image 1d.

Solidworks inspection

Image :1d

2) If the dimension & tolerance are in the single text, Solidworks inspection will capture dimension & tolerance into a single entity as shown in the below image1e.

Solidworks Inspection

Image :1e

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