Resolve SOLIDWORKS online license transaction failed error

SOLIDWORKS online license allows you to work between an unlimited number of machines using the existing SOLIDWORKS installation and your own individual profile.

To use your SOLIDWORKS online license, you will need to login with your SOLIDWORKS id, the very same information that you currently use to access the SOLIDWORKS customer portal. This allows you the flexibility to use SOLIDWORKS from any location without having to remember to deactivate your SOLIDWORKS license from another device.

Some of us have multiple SOLIDWORKS id’s and in converting to an online license we forget to logout of the mismatched account with no way to get back in. Sometimes we get a new error message like “online transactions failed, please check your internet connection”.

SOLIDWORKS online license

To clear that error message, we have to move on to SOLIDWROKS dump files and go to program data folder and open the FlexNet folder and clear the files in it or if they are required copy and paste it somewhere else and then close that and freshly open SOLIDWORKS again, now it will open without any error messages.

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