SOLIDWORKS 2019 Collaboration Overview

SOLIDWORKS 2019 provides new tools to help you collaborate faster.

Collaboration is a key aspect of the design process, and SOLIDWORKS 2019 introduces some fantastic new features and capabilities for communicating ideas and sharing models. Collaborating on large assembly design is often done by taking screen captures, marking them up and emailing them to stakeholders. While effective, this workflow is not ideal, especially when working on large complex projects.

In SOLIDWORKS 2019, you can:

  • Directly add 3D Markups, stored with the model, to parts and assemblies using any touch-enabled device, for later export as a PDF to communicate outside the design community.

  • Quickly simplify assemblies with the Defeature Tool, which has been enhanced to provide more control of the simplification process of parts and individual bodies.

Communicating design ideas has never been easier with the new 3D Markups and the enhanced Defeature tools in SOLIDWORKS 2019, helping users share their models and protect their intellectual property.

Request Demo to see how the SOLIDWORKS 2019 helps tackle the most complex problems while giving you the depth to finish the critical detail work.


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