SOLIDWORKS 2022 User Interface Enhancements

Recent releases of SOLIDWORKS 2022 have introduced significant enhancements that improve the way  you work and SOLIDWORKS 2022 continues to refine your experience with delighters such as the new command search in shortcut bar also with the enhancements in reference geometry display and redesigned notifications will bring you a cleaner and more efficient interface.

Here are the enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2022 User Interface:

Command Search in Short Cut Bar

We can access every command from the “S” key in the shortcut menu.

Coordinate Systems

In SOLIDWORKS 2022 the position and orientation can be defined using numerical values.

Reference Geometry Shortcut

The “Q” key keyboard shortcut key allows you to quickly turn on the component reference geometry such as planes, coordinate systems and origins.

System Options Info

 In SOLIDWORKS 2022 the “i” bubble icon throughout the system options gives you more information about the setting.

Dismissed Messages

Dismissed messages have always been easy to show again but were sometimes truncated. Now, hovering over an item reveals the whole message making it easy to determine if you would like to show it again.

Notification and Message Bar Style

Notification pop ups like this reminder to save, have been unified in style and the new informative message bars are introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2022

Pack and Go Process Bar

When you need to collect a project and all referenced components, there’s no better tool than pack and go. In 2022 you now see a progress bar giving you an indication as to how long the process will take which is especially useful for larger assemblies.

The most user friendly 3D CAD software in the world is now even easier to use with these valuable additions to the user experience. To know much more about the User Interface enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2022.

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