SOLIDWORKS Costing – First look

SOLIDWORKS Costing provides many benefits for organizations or industries in the field of Designing or Manufacturing or Engineering.

Cost of products is an important factor for a company’s competitiveness and profitability. Both manufacturers and designers could affect product costs, either by deciding the manufacturing methods or the design of products. Right decisions will win orders or sell products, but for right decisions to be taken, quick and accurate cost estimations are needed.

To facilitate the cost estimation process, SOLIDWORKS developed this new module called SOLIDWORKS Costing.

Included in both SOLIDWORKS Professional & SOLIDWORKS Premium packages as an add-in, SOLIDWORKS Costing can automatically generate estimates of part & assembly manufacturing cost that adjust whenever we modify our design. We can easily track costs to ensure our projects stay on target to meet the profit goals. Designers can make faster, repeatable, and more informed design decisions based on the cost, and the changes in design.

In this SOLIDWORKS tutorial, we can see the different capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Costing.

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