SOLIDWORKS Electrical Virtual Circuits

SOLIDWORKS Electrical tends to take the Electrical concept of a circuit and apply it to the back end of how this application works. Every connection point of a component is part of a circuit. Keeping that in mind there are few circuits available that can be used while creating the symbol connection points and setting up terminals of manufacturing data.


Rules of using SOLIDWORKS Electrical Virtual Circuits:

  • Single line Diagram symbols have no default virtual circuits. (You can add a circuit and then reference a Manufacturing Part)
  • Schematic Symbols need virtual circuits to define connection points
  • The manufacturing part’s Virtual circuits must match the virtual circuits of the Schematic symbol’s connection points
  • The Sequence of the connection points at the symbol level is very important. You can assign Individual circuits for each Connection point or you can have one circuit with multiple connection points. Either way the Schematic Symbol setup must match the manufacturing parts setup.
  • The Terminal information will be derived from the manufacturing parts only if Criteria 4 as mentioned above is met.
  • Individual circuit types are recommended when creating a PLC Manufacturing part.
  • Virtual Circuits in the Manufacturing Part are then linked to SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D -Connection points.
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical

    This is a general idea of the internal linking or Virtual circuits. If you are uncertain what type of circuits to use for components, existing default library symbols will have that information. Referencing that you can create new manufacturing parts with the matching Virtual circuits.

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