SOLIDWORKS inspection-Uses

  • Quality Control

Quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC respectively) is something that any company involved in manufacturing and assembly has to deal with. Quite often, very tight manufacturing tolerances are needed, and if they are not met, the cost of redesigning/reworking can be significant.

Quality assurance has traditionally been a laborious, manual and repetitive process, with much scope of human error when entering in nominal and toleranced dimensions.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection, a new product from SOLIDWORKS can greatly increase automation and accuracy when creating drawings and documents for quality assurance.

It comes with two handy interfaces:

– A standalone package for analyzing PDFs and TIFFs

– An integrated SOLIDWORKS add-in for working directly with SOLIDWORKS drawing files.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Benefits:

  • Multipage Drawing Support
  • Searchable Text Recognition
  • Quality Sampling Plans
  • Drawing Reversions
  • Automatic Ballon Creation

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Packages:

  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standard
  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional

Download SOLIDWORKS Inspection Matrix

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