SOLIDWORKS Mates Made Easy for Parts and Assemblies

Basic and advanced mates make assembling your designs easy

Mates create geometric relationships between at least two parts. And, you can define the allowable directions of linear or rotational motion of components to visualize an assembly’s behavior. One of the strengths of SOLIDWORKS® CAD is the comprehensive set of mates that are available.

SOLIDWORKS provides a Quick Mates toolbar with easy access to mates that can be added to an assembly. You also have access to advanced mates, including:

  • Symmetric: forces two similar entities to be symmetric about a plane, planar face of a component or a plane of the assembly
  • Width: saves a great deal of time by allowing you to center one component to another, without computing offset distanced
  • Path: constrains a selected point on a component to a path
  • Linear Coupler: establishes a relationship between the translation of one component and the translation of another component

SOLIDWORKS comprehensive set of mate options makes assembling your designs even easier.


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