SOLIDWORKS MotionManager

SOLIDWORKS MotionManager is a user interface used for creating animations or motion studies. It is developed to have a standard interface for motion studies by merging the SOLIDWORKS Animator and COSMOSMotion. MotionManager is fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS to create animations and motion studies using the three motion studies. It consolidates physical simulation, animation, motion and dynamic assembly motion. This is a key point-based user interface used for defining or creating, editing and saving animations.

The key features of MotionManager to create Animations or Motion Studies are Motion Study Type, MotionManager Toolbar, Timeline & Time bar, Key Points, Tooltips, Key Frames & Change bars.

SOLIDWORKS MotionManager enables you to create compelling AVI files from SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies, allowing you to communicate design concepts and collaborate more effectively with anyone.

Check out the below video tutorial for more information and clear explanation on SOLIDWORKS MotionManager

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