For SOLIDWORKS PDM maintenance to optimize performance and prevent data loss, it is important to perform scheduled back up of your component.

Let first examine the component that should be backed up. These components are :

  • The SQL Database
  • the Archive folder and
  • The Archive settings

with the first two components , failing to back these up correctly , may lead to permanent data loss.

The first and second compents, should be scheduled to occur during the same time span so there are no mismatches in data. For example , the SQL database and the Archive folder could be scheduled to occur overnight, when no one is accessing the vault. This ensures that the informstion in the SQL database matches the files in the Archive. If there are mismatches , those files may not be recoverable , if a fatal event were to occur, such as the loss of a server.

Also, backups should be done to a server other than where the PDM components are installed preferably one that is in a different location.


The database is typically backed up through SQL management studio. SQL management studio chips with SQL standard or higher and is used by PDM professionals.PDM standard uses SQL express, which does not contain SQL management studio, but these can be installed separately. SQL management studio is installed on the database server. Once you lunch this application, you will need to log in with the window or SQL server login


Connect to the server

back-ups of the database can be scheduled through the maintenance tab of Object Explorer.


Maintenance tab of the Object Explorer

Maintenance tab of the Object Explorer

To create a backup plan using the maintenance plan wizard,

maintenance plan wizard tool -> and schedule a back-up.

If you use software to back up your, the server does not replay on it to back-up the SQL database, unless it has the purpose build functionality, to do this and you are confident in its ability to back -up the database.
The Archive server and setting
There are utilities, that ship with PDM for backing up the Archive. A reliable back -up application should be used to this. Please note that depending on how PDM was set up .the Archive Database may have installed on separate servers. Also, if you a replicated environment, remember to back -up all the archives.
The third component should be back up, is the vault settings, these setting essentially correspond to the nodes, you see in the Solidworks PDM Administration.

Back-up vault settings
These settings are backed up from the Archive server configuration tool, which is located on the Archive server.

Back -up settings can be created for individual or group of vaults

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