SOLIDWORKS Smart Components

Add Automation and Intelligence to Your Designs with SOLIDWORKS

When it comes to maximizing productivity, nothing beats automation. The Smart Components feature in SOLIDWORKS CAD takes automation to another level by adding design intent and company standards. With Smart Components your commonly used parts now have real design intelligence, allowing you to accelerate your design process, save time and development costs, and increase productivity.

The automation in SOLIDWORKS includes:

  • Smart Fasteners—recognize the parameters of selected holes and automatically place the fastener with the correct size appropriately for part thickness, washers, and nut stack up

  • Hole Series Tool—reference existing holes or create a new series by selecting the starting face and SOLIDWORKS automatically adds the correct sized hole to each part

  • Smart Component—automatically create necessary clearance holes or cuts and assemble necessary associated components

  • Smart Features—select the parts where the new features will be applied and SOLIDWORKS takes care of the rest

  • To learn how SOLIDWORKS Smart Components, deliver powerful automation tools that save time, increase productivity, and help companies maintain design standards.

    SOLIDWORKS Smart Component

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