What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2023

Learn how you can work faster, smarter, and together with expert advice, tips, and tricks from SOLIDWORKS Pros

SOLIDWORKS 2023 will enable you to streamline your design process, make smarter decisions, and accelerate product development.

Here’s an overview of the latest enhancements:

Work Smarter − Reduce your workload when modeling and detailing drawings and handle more complex electrical routing scenarios.

  • Detail drawings with less effort with the ability to optimize for ANSI or ISO detailing standards and automatically match the display of your assembly model in your drawing views by showing transparent components correctly.
  • Turbocharge part modeling with the ability to control translation and rotation values with equations that can also be added to design tables.
  • Design sheet metal with ease by identifying model deviation with automatic sensor alerts.
  • Build more complex structures easily by grouping similar corners and applying trimming to the group followed by automatically applying connection plates.
  • Handle more complex electrical routing scenarios with the ability to create a more accurate manufacturing representation of your design through new options for flattening, reorienting, and displaying wires and connectors.

Work Faster − Accelerate large assembly design and component manufacturing through automatic mode optimization, streamlined data export, and faster BOM search capability.

  • Speed up large assembly design with the option for automatic optimization of resolved and lightweight modes, and the automatic repair of missing mate references, and with support for more end conditions for cut features and by avoiding to save unchanged model data. Streamlined data export supports the export of assembly components as separate STEP files.
  • Experience improved search performance when using the “include sub-folders” option.
  • Find BOM information faster with filtering and identify overwritten values quickly using a highlight color

Work Together − Enable mechanical design, electrical, quality, and manufacturing teams to work better together with faster, and more secure data management capabilities, and streamlined processes for the creation of 2D and 3D documentation.

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM: Communicate changes to design data better with the ability to customize PDM notification templates with HTML. Help teams share and manage data more productively with a streamlined user interface for common operations, including adding files, checking out/in of files and folders, and more. Upgrade SOLIDWORKS file versions faster using the File Version Upgrade Tool when overwriting the latest version.
  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection: Improve team collaboration by using machine learning to automatically extract information from a 2D PDF to build your inspection report. Enjoy the flexibility to select, balloon, and export inspection reports only for the required sheets of a drawing.
  • SOLIDWORKS MBD: Communicate your assembly design more clearly in 3D with the ability to view all dimensions in the assembly and 3D views, including feature dimensions, reference dimensions, and DimXpert annotations. Improve communication with manufacturing using annotated 3D models that include Hole Tables representing multiple views.
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Create hybrid documentation involving drawings, annotations, and reports on the same page by including report tables, such as BOM and wire lists, on any electrical project drawing. Display connection information about a component in a label that you can dynamically insert into schematics.

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