What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2024-Assemblies| part-2

Auto-Repair for Missing Mate References

Improvements to Auto Repair for concentric and parallel mates add more criteria for identifying replacement entities.

SOLIDWORKS 2024-Assemblies

XR Exporter Integration

In ‘Save As’ dialog box, there are two file extensions included in the latest version, ‘Extended Reality (*.gltf)’ and ‘Extended Reality Binary (*.glb)’. If the files are saved in the latest version, then, it’s a straight away drive to use those files in the fields of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as these formats are supported there.

SOLIDWORKS 2024-Assemblies

Enabling Step Filter Option

Considerable time is reduced in importing the step files from different formats by incorporating the enable filter option in the algorithm.

SOLIDWORKS 2024-Assemblies

Specifying a Prefix and Suffix for Components

You can use a system option to specify a default prefix and a default suffix for opposite-hand versions of mirrored components. You can also specify a default prefix for virtual components created from external files.

SOLIDWORKS 2024-Assemblies

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