Tips for import large DWG and DXF files into SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS: SOLIDWORKS is a mechanical design automation software that is a feature-based, parametric solid modeling design tool. You can create entirely associated 3D solid models with or without constraints while utilizing automatic or user-defined relations to capture design intent. IMPORT PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS SOLIDWORKS offers improved performance for importing certain file types. Performance is improved for importing […]

Design Experts and Engineers Explore the Future

New tech will enable innovation, but people ultimately will be the driving force behind the future of design  Future by Design: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads Explore the future of design and product development: from artificial intelligence and machine learning to technology that will enable designers and engineers to reduce mundane tasks so […]


In this current challenging World, everyone keeps on updating irrespective of the field. Manufacturing has evolved from conventional methods to where we can build a fully printed house in any place within 24 hours under any weather conditions. For example, two-storey office in Dubai, measuring 9.5 meters high with a floor area of 640 square […]

Creating an Alternate position view in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS is a mechanical design automation software which is a feature based, parametric solid modeling design tool. You can create fully associate 3D solid models with or without constraints while utilizing automatic or user defined relation to capture design intent. Alternate Position Views indicate the range of motion of an assembly component by showing it […]


Do you know how to represent the weld symbols in SOLIDWORKS drawings? Do you what to know what are the symbols applied for different type of symbols? Have you ever heard about the field and peripheral options in weld symbols and what is its use? To know much more about these weldment symbols in SOLIDWORKS […]


Have you ever created off centered Torroid ? Where are thetoroidal inductors used? Applications: Medical devices Telecommunications Musical instruments Industrial controls Refrigeration equipment Ballasts Electronic clutches Electronic brakes Aerospace & Nuclear fields Air conditioner equipment Amplifiers. To create off centered Toroid Watch this Video: If you’re still having trouble, please get in touch with the Logical […]


Have you ever faced a crash in SOLIDWORKS ? Do you know how to overcome a crash ? In general while using  SOLIDWORKS  we face an issue regarding crashes with a dialogue box. There  are different types of crashes in SOLIDWORKS Reproducible Crash Non-Reproducible Crash Random Crash. and also there are different methods to troubleshoot […]

How to create SOLIDWORKS Lofted Bends

Lofted Bends in SOLIDWORKS are a tool that has been in the software for years and a tool that I think a lot of time gets over looked for the abilities of what it can do for a user. When we look at the Property Manager for Lofted Bends we are presented with quite a […]

Deactivating a Stand-Alone SOLIDWORKS License

Over time computer hardware gets old, and as a result it needs to be replaced. Although new gear can be exciting, it comes with the hassle of transferring your software. When we change the hardware running SOLIDWORKS, be it a client with a stand-alone license or a server running the SolidNetWork License Manager, it will […]