What is SOLIDWORKS Simulation and how it helps?

Discover SOLIDWORKS Simulation   To gain a better understanding of how SOLIDWORKS Simulation can help your business I recommend you take a new Introduction to Simulation video training course available in MySOLIDWORKS. The course includes the following video lessons: The first lesson will introduce you to the entire Simulation product suite including SOLIDWORKS Simulation (FEA, structural analysis), SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation (CFD, fluid flow and heat transfer), SOLIDWORKS Motion […]

Earning a SOLIDWORKS Certification can help you get a job, Which gives weightage to your Resume…!!!!

Earning a SOLIDWORKS Certification can help you get a job, get a raise, or move up in your current company. Learn how others benefited from achieving their CSWP: “I would definitely encourage other SOLIDWORKS users to get the certification. They are achievable resume-builders that really give a transparent baseline to your skill sets.”“My company sees a lot of […]

Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate CSWA Program by Logical Solutions Ltd

In today’s competitive workplace, CAD professionals need every edge they can get. Our CSWA Program is designed to help your students demonstrate their expertise with SOLIDWORKS,® 3D solid modeling techniques, and design concepts, as well as their commitment to professional development.By passing the CSWA exam, they’ll be gaining a proven competitive edge—but for them to do so, your institution must first […]

My SOLIDWORKS Training: Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Today

My SOLIDWORKS Training My SOLIDWORKS Training allows you to learn about SOLIDWORKS features and functionalities on your own schedule, at your own pace and from the convenience of your desktop or mobile device. After creating a MySOLIDWORKS account, more than 10 hours of MySOLIDWORKS Training sessions are at your fingertips. Even better, if you’re a user with […]