SOLIDWORKS Topological Optimization the future of Implicit geometry

geometry Go from napkin sketch idea to an optimal design by using the Topology Optimization tool in SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Use a Topology study to explore design iterations of a component that satisfy a given optimization goal and geometric constraints. A Topology study performs nonparametric topology optimization of parts. Learn how design and manufacturing constraints factor […]

SOLIDWORKS 2022 User Interface Enhancements

Recent releases of SOLIDWORKS 2022 have introduced significant enhancements that improve the way  you work and SOLIDWORKS 2022 continues to refine your experience with delighters such as the new command search in shortcut bar also with the enhancements in reference geometry display and redesigned notifications will bring you a cleaner and more efficient interface. Here […]


In SOLIDWORKS 2022 the Detailing mode is available for all drawings (except detached drawings), regardless of the SOLIDWORKS version in which you saved the drawing or whether you saved the drawing in Detailing mode. In Detailing mode, you can: In Tools > Options > Document Properties > Performance, there are two new options: In SOLIDWORKS 2022 you cannot change these options while […]


SOLIDWORKS 2022 improves geometric tolerance symbols in drawings, when creating geometric tolerance symbols, you can use the handles surrounding the feature control frame to build the symbol. To create geometric tolerance symbols: A feature control frame appears with handles and a Tolerance dialog box surrounding it. In the dialog box, specify options to add content to the […]


SOLIDWORKS 2022 has Improves Cosmetic threads in appearance and ease of use. APPEARANCES AND TEXTURES When you apply a cosmetic thread to a part, any underlying appearances or textures on the part appear between the cosmetic threads. The cosmetic threads that you apply in SOLIDWORKS 2022 are also supported in SOLIDWORKS Visualize DEPTH AND FEATURE […]

SOLIDWORKS 2022 eDRAWINGS Enhancements

eDrawings® is the premier 2D, 3D and AR/VR design communication tool for stakeholders in the design to manufacture process as well as external prospects and customers. … CAD and non-CAD users can share 3D models, interrogate them, create mark ups and then share these markups to accelerate the whole design process. CONFIGURATION SUPPORT SOLIDWORKS 2022 introduces new […]

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2022: Complex Corner Property manager

SOLIDWORKS 2022 introduces new enhancements in Weldment, new Improvements in the Complex Corner Property Manager provide a clear workflow to use the Corner Management functionality. To get more updates on SOLIDWORKS Follow Us on LinkedIn: Click Here For more details Like Us on Facebook: Click Here For videos SUBSCRIBE to our channel: Click Here Get A Quote Today: Click […]

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2022: Bend Lines in Drawing Views

In flat pattern drawing views of sheet metal parts, bend lines are independent of sketches. SOLIDWORKS 2022 introduces new feature so you can hide sketches while keeping bend lines visible. Previously, if you hide sketches in a flat pattern view, the bend lines would also be hidden. Click View > Hide/Show > Bend Lines or Sketches To get more updates on SOLIDWORKS […]