Tips for import large DWG and DXF files into SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS: SOLIDWORKS is a mechanical design automation software that is a feature-based, parametric solid modeling design tool. You can create entirely associated 3D solid models with or without constraints while utilizing automatic or user-defined relations to capture design intent. IMPORT PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS SOLIDWORKS offers improved performance for importing certain file types. Performance is improved for importing […]

Design Experts and Engineers Explore the Future

New tech will enable innovation, but people ultimately will be the driving force behind the future of design  Future by Design: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads Explore the future of design and product development: from artificial intelligence and machine learning to technology that will enable designers and engineers to reduce mundane tasks so […]

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Enhancements: Sheet Metal

Gauge Values in Cut List Properties If you use gauge tables to define the thickness of sheet metal parts, the gauge number appears in the Cut-List Properties dialog box. In the associated drawing, the gauge value is available for annotations and cut lists. In the Cut-List Properties dialog box, the Evaluated Value for Sheet Metal Gauge is Gauge Number GA. For example, if you use […]

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Enhancements: User Interface

SOLIDWORKS has evolved over the years as one of the most popular CAD solutions on the market known for its user-friendly interface. It’s grown to be a fast, flexible solution based on user needs. SOLIDWORKS 2023 builds on the core values of SOLIDWORKS with the goal of helping designers work smarter, faster, and together. At […]

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2023

Learn how you can work faster, smarter, and together with expert advice, tips, and tricks from SOLIDWORKS Pros SOLIDWORKS 2023 will enable you to streamline your design process, make smarter decisions, and accelerate product development. Here’s an overview of the latest enhancements: Work Smarter − Reduce your workload when modeling and detailing drawings and handle more […]

Explore 3D Mold Creator in 3DEXPERIENCE

3D Mold Creator offers concise, simplified workflows for creating mold geometry while leveraging the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, changing the way you tackle design challenges. 3D Mold Creator provides dedicated mold tooling design functionality that enables the faster, automated, and more robust design of mold core, cavity, and insert geometry. Users can use any browser-based […]

SOLIDWORKS 2022 User Interface Enhancements

Recent releases of SOLIDWORKS 2022 have introduced significant enhancements that improve the way  you work and SOLIDWORKS 2022 continues to refine your experience with delighters such as the new command search in shortcut bar also with the enhancements in reference geometry display and redesigned notifications will bring you a cleaner and more efficient interface. Here […]


In SOLIDWORKS 2022 the Detailing mode is available for all drawings (except detached drawings), regardless of the SOLIDWORKS version in which you saved the drawing or whether you saved the drawing in Detailing mode. In Detailing mode, you can: In Tools > Options > Document Properties > Performance, there are two new options: In SOLIDWORKS 2022 you cannot change these options while […]


SOLIDWORKS 2022 improves geometric tolerance symbols in drawings, when creating geometric tolerance symbols, you can use the handles surrounding the feature control frame to build the symbol. To create geometric tolerance symbols: A feature control frame appears with handles and a Tolerance dialog box surrounding it. In the dialog box, specify options to add content to the […]