2019 Context of Business

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SOLIDWORKS 2016 Sheet Scale Control in Status Bar

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Starting with SOLIDWORKS 2016, working with drawings is a little easier. In previous versions of SOLIDWORKS, the Status Bar showed the current sheet scale in Drawings, now in 2016, the sheet scale can be controlled from the Status Bar. SOLIDWORKS 2016 Sheet Scale Control The popup sheet scale list allows users to select from […]

Checkout The New Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Weldments

Designing structures in SOLIDWORKS has always been fast and easy, and SOLIDWORKS 2016 adds some great enhancements to help you get the job done faster. What’s New 2016 lists out 5 new features: Structural Member Size Lists Transferring Material Properties from Library Profiles Modifying End Cap Positions Using Reference Dimensions Total Length for Derived Parts […]

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Representing Sheet Metal Swept Flangers Holes

SOLIDWORKS 2016 brings new enhancements to the way you create sheet metal designs. Complex Swept Flange The ability to create complex swept flanges has always been a powerful feature in SOLIDWORKS, and you can now add standard or normal cuts through the bend regions. These cuts are now accurately represented in the flattened shape. SOLIDWORKS […]

See Top 10 New Features of SOLIDWORKS 2016

  1.SOLIDWORKS Visualize – Bring Your Designs to Life Improved functionality for media-ready images, movies and immersive content Use both CPU and GPU to speed up rendering — less time to quality result Included with SOLIDWORKS 2016 Professional and Premium 2.Enhanced Part Modeling Capabilities Thread Wizard tool to create internal and external threads Bi-directional sweep […]

What’s New 2016: DimXpert for Assemblies (MBD)

DimXpert for Assemblies Maybe you drill assembly level mounting holes? Maybe you need to define inseparable parts like PEM fasteners on a sheet metal panel? You can now create DimXpert dimensions and tolerances in Assemblies. To use DimXpert in assemblies, simply pick appropriate commands like Location or Size Dimensions, Geometric Tolerances, or even Auto Dimension […]

What is SOLIDWORKS Simulation and how it helps?

Discover SOLIDWORKS Simulation   To gain a better understanding of how SOLIDWORKS Simulation can help your business I recommend you take a new Introduction to Simulation video training course available in MySOLIDWORKS. The course includes the following video lessons: Discover the SOLIDWORKS Simulation product suite. Get started with an introduction of the Simulation user interface and walk through the setup process. Learn how […]


Today we have an entire ecosystem with hundreds of enhancements and new features in each of our products tailored to help you innovate and create products for the future.  Beyond CAD, SOLIDWORKS now offers products to help you with Electrical wiring and machinery (SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS Routing), high-end renderings and imagery (SOLIDWORKS Visualize), injection […]

SOLIDWORKS Education 2015-2016

The easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS 2015-2016 Student Edition lets you sharpen your skills outside the classroom as you learn to design better products. In today’s competitive workplace, CAD professionals need every edge they can get. Our CSWP Program is designed to help your students demonstrate their expertise with SOLIDWORKS. “I would definitely encourage other SOLIDWORKS users to get the […]